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Last year, everything got blowed up and the pieces have fallen far and
wide.  And before this year, intergalactic, extradimensional armies
attempted to end the LARP well before it could even happen!  Luckily,
everyone was able to combine their powers and defeat the enemies, but
everything got blowed up even more than it was last year.  Finally at
peace, the LARP drifts aimlessly and tries to do something with the
pieces that were left.

Some cling to civilization in the comfort in Blunderdome, the last
bastion of civilization remaining in the entire LARP and think
everyone should move in and be happy.

Everyone else knows that SOMETHING has gone horribly wrong!  Maybe
that SOMETHING is the Blunderdome, or humans, or the ruined world, or
even the very fabric of the universe itself!  No one can quite agree.
Nor does anyone know what the SOLUTION is.  It could be violence, or
planting trees, or implausible science, or even magical friendship.

This is a GOOD THING because otherwise it'd be a really short game.
Plus, we don't know the answers either, which is why we have players,
because players are far, far, far more creative and devious than the
guys working on this, so all we have to do is point players in a
general direction and enjoy the ride.  It's win-win!

So come join us for an evening of fun and help us crowdsource what
next year's game is all about!