This Just In!!! Goku is Dead!...again...

Today is the 54th event – SCHOOL DAYS! - of the 108 events of the MAIN CHARACTER CHAIR COMPETITION! Unfortunately, someone has killed the reigning Main Character, Goku!

But that’s not all! No one remembers what happened last night either. Whatever it was, it was trouble, that’s for certain. There were CRAZY ninjas, MANIACAL pirates, FRIGHTENING demons, EXTREME ghosts, and cute lovable winged penguins. The school was TORCHED! The Dragon Balls were STOLEN! The LOOT was lost! The SOS Brigade was OPPRESSED! Cute winged penguins ran AMOK! FORBIDDEN scrolls were opened! DASTARDLY criminals have gathered! If it could have went wrong, it may very well PROBABLY DID!

Luckily, all of this tragedy and chaos will not stop the MAIN CHARACTER CHAIR COMPETITION!!! In fact, someone truly worthy of being the Main Character would solve the mystery and set everything to right!

Come join us and help get to the bottom in this comedy murder mystery! Preregistration will be available until the day before the con. Normal registration will be available on game day at AnimeFest. Registration costs $5 (to recoup costs and payable when the character packet is picked up). Any profit goes toward a charity at the convention.