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Last year, Goku died. His death (and the stupidity surrounding it) led to dissatisfaction and resistance to the Main Character Chair system. Many secondary characters, led by one-time Goku friend, Krillian, began speaking out against the system, demanding their screen times be increased, that they get cool power-ups, and the ability to actually win against real villains, rather than just monsters-of-the-week. The public outcry was enough that the Main Character Chair Tournament Moderators were willing to negotiate with Krillian.

The negotiations turned out to be a trap and Krillian has presumably joined Goku in the Home For Infinite Losers (HFIL).

After Krillian’s death, the secondary characters revolted, seizing the Main Character Chair, rioting across the globe, and forcing every active main character into witness protection programs. Without Krillian’s decisive leadership, though, the revolution splintered, as different ideas on how to fix the Main Character System gained popularity. Some people wanted equality for all. Some people wanted to destroy it all together. One radical group wanted villains to control the chair.

The Main Character Chair just got broken! The Doomsday Clock has begun counting down! When the Doomsday Clock strikes midnight, the Main Character Chair can be altered!

Can things possibly get any worse?